Friday, May 02, 2008

The big week

Well the first week of the new job is done and I have to say it's been a really interesting experience. On so many levels it's just exactly what I had anticipated. Although on so many levels it's just so NOT what I had anticipated. That said - nothing bad. The things I hadn't anticipated have been good things and while I don't expect it to be a walk in the park, I do know that I have respected this man for many years and it's reassuring to find him exactly as I remember him from all those years ago when we worked together back then. And I walked away tonight so overwhelmed by the opportunities ahead of me, I am just so grateful for the chance to work with him and so determined to ensure his faith in me is justified.

I feel as though I have the opportunity before me to make such lasting changes in my life, professionally, personally, that I will walk away from this a different person - and be ever grateful for the insight.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey lady, so glad that you are fine.I was really worried about you.Rang both no answer.Left message on yoru mobile.
Hope you are still enjoying your new job

10:44 pm  
Blogger Jewls said...

Maree I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying your new job. I hope the future holds a bounty of opportunities & fulfillment. Good on you hun :)

5:19 pm  

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