Saturday, April 26, 2008

Foo Fighters and the weekend.

Well what a fantastic way to start a long weekend. The Foo Fighters concert was last night and Oh My God they were absolutely awesome. Nothing I could say would really do justice to the event - it's without doubt the best live performance I've ever witnessed and that Dave Grohl has THE most amazing stage presence.

The two YouTube videos below were obviously recorded by the person who was sitting next to Shane and I because I can actually hear my voice on the first one just before the 7 minute mark when the lead guitarist starts to play an ACDC song and I remember me saying "That's Mean" when Dave stops him.... Talk about ironic and a small world....

The concert was a sell out and not only was pretty much every seat in Rod Laver Arena filled, but the standing space on the floor as you can see was at a premium. The photos I took with my phone camera and unfortunately the lense was dirty which I didn't realise until tonight. But you get the idea of how packed it was. What an incredible event though. I would go to see them again in a heartbeat. Fantastic show.

It was a great night of entertainment following by a long walk in the city (rather to the physical detriment of the participants). I've really missed those nights out so much, dinner, walking, it was a really incredible night and it was quite sad returning to the real world again today.

It's been a couple of days with much travel. I was grateful to Paul for the lift to Melbourne even if the plans changed part way and I ended up being picked up in Geelong. But of course we had to detour via Apollo Bay with Lakeisha for the Music Festival down there. Ironic he and I had booked tickets completely independent of one another and yet ended up being seated in the same section. Of course that meant that when I returned to Colac today, I had to immediately hop in the car and drive to Apollo Bay to pick Lakeisha up again. The weather was pretty bad and the drive down and back was even worse. I can barely stay awake right now as I type this.

I don't think my computer is very well. After being turned off for the past day - I came home tonight to fire it up and catch up on everything everyone has been doing in my absence, but it took some coaxing to get it to work. After several attempts and some considerable swearing it did finally do the right thing and start but...... I think some IT assistance is required!!!!!

I think tomorrow will be a day of rest to catch up on some sleep amongst other things. I'm looking forward to Monday, although I know it will be challenging and tiring. I just hope the whole thing is worth it!


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