Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just 23 hours

It seems like I have been waiting for this moment for MONTHS........ But wait - actually I have. It actually WAS months ago when I booked tickets for the Foo Fighters concert. I am so excited to be going. It's going to be fantastic. Finally it's here! Yes Bryon I got your SMS.... It took a moment but I finally figured out what was "NO FAIR!!!!!" It's pretty bad when even folks who live in the USA are jealous of your plans...... LOL And I bet poor Frank will be jealous as well. I could be mean and phone all these people during the performance - but I won't.

This week has actually turned life around a little... I now have a job lined up that I am truly excited about. Personal Assistant to someone I have known for many years in a job that I think will be challenging, vibrant and nowhere near as boring as I feared I would be stuck with. I start work Monday and frankly it can't come quickly enough. Stay tuned for more details.

I have had a rather up and down week this week. I have been so touched on the one hand by some of the kind gestures from various friends (especially thanks to Rob and Paul for just managing to be there when I really need them). But there have also been the unenviable down sides that have created a bit of pain. I must admit there are times when I wonder if certain aspects of my life are really worth the effort I've put into them. At the end of the day, all you can do is sit down in front of a piece of paper and write down the pro's and con's and hope that the Pro's column outweighs the Con's. Sometimes they do - sometimes they don't. I suppose it's a bit like the stockmarket really - knowing when to sell out is an interesting challenge.


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