Monday, January 14, 2008

What is this thing....

Today I watched him as he spoke to me and I am just so touched by the love in his eyes, the way he looks at me, I love that he wants to hold my hand as we sit and drink coffee, I love that he puts his arm around me or holds my hand wherever we walk together. I love that when he is driving I catch him glancing across to look at me with a smile on his face. Yeah I know - I sound like a teenager. Everyone should feel this loved and this cherished at least once in their lifetime. Maybe it's finally my turn.

52 weeks ago today you walked through my door, turned my head and changed my life. I know you aren't big on anniversaries, but I doubt I will ever forget that day as long as I live......


Blogger Leah said...

How sweet Maree! Sounds like you've found your soulmate! I hope you enjoy your anniversary!

10:12 pm  
Blogger melissa said...

You know How happy I am for you....for both of you to have one another , cherishing the time together.I wish you lots of happy days, and wow it has been a year already Maree

7:28 pm  

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