Saturday, January 05, 2008

and one more for Saturday...

Here is another creation for today. I took this photo on my mobile phone a few months ago at Culture - our 2nd lounge room... of Lakeisha one night when we were there for dinner. I love the rich grainy look of the photo. The paper was another part of the Design Team pack for Scrap Pile and looked like a page out of a calendar so I went with the block theme, wrote some journal entries and mounted the photo on chipboard before I cut it up into pieces and stuck it down on the panels. The result was almost a big Boofcheese jigsaw puzzle LOL. Entitled "Every Single Day".... and she does.

Earlier this afternoon an email arrived with 3 pieces of "reading material" attached. My friend amongst his many talents is a writer. One never really knows quite what to expect, though I hazard to guess this is a big part of what makes the ride so enjoyable... and having read these samples I have three things to say.
1) Only a parent can appreciate the incredibly overwhelming anguish of protecting a child,
2) Teddy Bears are only 2nd in cuteness to FLF's who remain at the #1 spot in this house,
3) If I see you with that camera and a smile on your face, my friend, I am going to be afraid - very afraid.


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