Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Exciting news.....

As you know this radio station Otway FM is close to my heart for so many reasons. One of the main focus points for the past year has been to get the signal strong enough and efficient enough to send it out to the entire area we are licenced to broadcast to. Once we do that, it will actually be one of the largest Community Broadcast areas certainly in Victoria. Well as of tomorrow the equipment is being installed and so hopefully by Friday morning we will be broadcasting to a vast majority of the area we are aiming to cover. The rest should follow in quick succession.

This has been a dream for those who have been involved with the station for many years. I have to say that I'm proud and extremely excited to see this finally achieved and it has been through much hard work and perseverence. It couldn't have been achieved without the incredible assistance of Mike Tobin - President of the Community Broadcasting Association of Victoria - and I'm not sure that any of us could completely repay him for the hours of work he has put into not only the technical side of the station operations, but also the incredible work with his lobbying in government departments and cutting through the red tape to finally see this dream come to reality.

At some point during tomorrow's transmission we will change over to the new system and finally the station will achieve a status worth recognition and respect. I am actually humbled by the thought of that tonight. Humbled and very proud to be a part of what is truly a great achievement by some very dedicated people. To Shane, Rosemary, Tell, Cherise, & Mike, particularly - thank you for your never ending support and belief not only in Otway FM but also in me.


Blogger Tracey said...

You have worked so hard for this, the station pulled you through such a difficult time in your life. You also found love !!!
Well done Maree you deserve to proud of yourself.
Thanks for your comments in my blog, I was touched. You are very much regarded as one of my best friends and Im truely thankful that you understand and care while we struggle with all thats happening around us, most days are good but a small thing can turn it into a huge issue. So today I feel better and hope that the day continues to get better.

9:45 am  

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