Sunday, January 20, 2008

The big weekend....

I'm now able to post the layouts I completed last week since they were my challenges for the Scrap Pile Cyber Crop from Friday night. My challenge was to Scrapjack a layout from anyone in the gallery posted during 2007 since 2007 was the theme for the CC. My first example was a jack of Tammy's Freedom layout.

And the second one was a jack of Mel's Beauty layout.

A big weekend this weekend of so many important things it's almost difficult to comprehend the impact it's all had in so many ways. If I had to pick a highlight it would be the realisation of the impact of the reality of the future. The memorable moment is meeting one of Shanes most valued and respected friends and really liking this person a great deal. The low point, being reminded how hurtful it is when people you love lie to you. The saddest moment, realising just how difficult the next weeks are going to be.

Today was another gig for Shane in Melbourne and although the photos are not great, at least this time there were some although at first glance you would be forgiven for thinking he is playing a milk crate..... The laptop is sitting on one, and clearly we need to look into some alternative attire for such performances.....

Beginning of another week and I'm not sure it's likely to be one worthy of much blogging, but we'll see what happens. The one thing I do know is that life as we know it ceases to exist.... Having strength, patience and faith will be the key..... If there are three things I know I have these days, it's certainly strength, patience and a little faith.


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