Saturday, December 29, 2007

Latest creation

Here is the latest creation, started this morning and finished tonight.... You've seen the photo from our little outing the other week, I mirrored it because it suited the background paper better this way. Entitled "Many Faces" because there are so many facits to this man that are revealed piece by piece, but this time in reference to his love of photography.

Spent a pleasant day today with Lakeisha in the morning and a few hours this afternoon with Shane working out his sets for the New Years Eve performance. Something to look forward to except for the heat which won't be pleasant. 41 degrees. Talking with another friend tonight who recently went through a marriage breakup and realising just how similar her situation was, and me feeling the anguish for two people who are at a loss as to what the past XX number of years actually meant. Especially when it seems the other partners don't seem to show any sense of loss or pain. All I can say is there are at least two people out there who had no idea of what they had, otherwise they would have done something about it a VERY long time ago. Your loss as they say!

The question was raised at Scrap Pile tonight - What was the best thing about 2007..... and here was my reply.....

I have so much to be grateful for in 2007. I am grateful to have a beautiful daughter who makes me proud every single day and who has been such a delight to watch grow this past year. My job at the radio station which has brought me so much satisfaction and personal growth of my own this year and I have so much enjoyed being a radio presenter even though I said I would NEVER go on air...... It also brought me closer to people I had been friends with in years past (Frank & Julie), and introduced some new people into my life who have become so very special to me. Enter (for one) Shane who has been such an incredible impact on our lives and will continue to be in the future. I am grateful that my parents are still here and still supporting me in everything I do. And I won't ever forget the wonderful Scrap Pile Community that has become so much a part of my life over the past 2 years.

A year ago my life was devastating. Around this time last year I really did wonder if I would ever be able to survive what life had thrown in my path. A year later and I am ever grateful that I am out of a very destructive relationship and have such a positive future to look forward to.

I am facing 2008 with such anticipation and excitement and I know it will be an incredible year for new beginnings and a better life.


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