Monday, December 03, 2007


Friendship is such an "interesting" relationship. How does one define Friendship? I would have to say having some mutual interest or passion and a degree of respect, and well actually liking that person. But how often as life takes it's various twists and turns do you find yourself no longer able to relate to someone you once considered a friend.

Tonight I had a "discussion" with someone who for some time - over a year in fact - I have felt has failed to meet the basic criteria of what makes a friend. Certainly honesty and support are important things in any relationship. But to have someone constantly take the other side to about every thing you endeavour to experience, always trying to enforce their thoughts and ideas upon you, and behaving in a negative manner all the time, to me, fails to qualify as a friend.

This person, the last time I ever attended a dog show, actually undermined my Best In Show award by saying out aloud that "it was rigged". This person constantly defended Murray in the weeks before and after his departure despite the evidence that was clear his intentions were never honourable. This person has constantly undermined my relationship with Shane, questioned his and my integrity, and has now labelled me as selfish..... not to mention several other personal attacks including the statement that I am quote "acting like a typical selfish only child".....

Here is an insecure person who constantly undermines her husband, accuses him of having affairs (if he were I can tell you I wouldn't blaim him for ONE SECOND......), never acknowledges the incredible contributions he makes in their day to day life and has obviously no idea how lucky she is to have what she has......

I'm selfish? OK well if finally after 46 years trying to find some happiness, peace and joy for yourself after living life for everyone else is selfish then I guess I'm guilty. If anything I would probably be more likely to call myself patient and tolerant. Mainly because I've bitten my tongue all these months and not told this woman what a thought of her a long time ago.

Sometimes I think two things....
1). Some dog people truly are assholes
2). Thank GOD I am not a DOG person......

My apologies.... it is rare that I am this angry with anyone....... tonight is an exception.


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