Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mark this down....

Life can change in a fleeting moment. But I would have to say that life for us has significantly changed today. Today was the day that Shane actually started to move some of his possessions into our home. Now while this doesn't mean he himself has actually moved - I can appreciate the enormous gesture of bringing some of his possessions and leaving them here.

In case you haven't clicked as yet as to how much this man means in our lives - and I say OUR because I know that he means almost as much to Lakeisha as he does to me (almost) - let me make it quite clear right now. As I told the gorgeous Gabriel earlier in the week - should this man make the move to live with us - I will be without doubt the most happy woman on the face of the planet.... and of course I shall keep you posted....


Blogger Cass said...

So happy for you Maree. :D *hugs*

2:13 pm  

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