Sunday, November 25, 2007

Busy Scrapper

There were other things that needed to be done but when you need to scrap you need to scrap. I could claim the artistic factor - you know - "when you get inspiration you need to get it down in writing/on canvas" idea. But the fact is that I just simply needed to keep my mind from wandering in places it shouldn't. So here was the result...

Along with some Christmas Tags that I made for a class on Scrap Pile.

Concert tonight at COPACC featuring The Wise Gents and The Vascoe Era. Should be fun. Lakeisha has to go since she is on the Freeza Committee that is running it and so that means the Taxi needs to be there as well (aka me). Fortunately being a bit of a Wise Gents fan as I am - there wasn't a whole bunch of arm twisting to get me there. Although having a late night on a Sunday night isn't the BEST thing for those of us who have to wake in the wee hours of the morning. But hey - you are only "young" once right? LOL

Oh and a change to the music. Thought I would put the tune that I wrote lyrics for that I renamed "Mean to Me" which is a reference to What You Mean To Me - not that anyone is Mean LOL. You can find the lyrics HERE


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