Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Today has been a day for Christmas Gifts and also I am so pleased I finally got Tracey's Diary finished for the Diary Swap. With any luck she will actually get it before Christmas. Now there's a surprise!

Anyway this is the clock I've made for Frank for Christmas as a thank you for being on the radio program this year. It has been such a fun time working with him.

And here is Tracey's diary. I am so pleased how this came up. I hope she likes it.

I finally settled yesterday on another Christmas gift. I think it's probably appropriate and should "suit" the recipient.

Shane & I spent a really pleasant afternoon together today. It never ceases to amaze me how calm I feel about the whole situation and also when I'm in his company. As much as I've gone through moments feeling as though I haven't really achieved much in the past 12 months, I know that I have made some enormous steps personally within myself. We talked about this as we were coming home from a visit to the local winery this afternoon (and no there were no unfortunate underwear incidents this time....LOL) I asked how much he had noticed a change in me over the past year and he said "I feel like you can breathe now...." And that should come as no surprise to me that he could put into words so eloquently exactly how I am feeling. I do feel as though I can breathe. Probably more accurately I feel as though I can be me - and it's OK.

I keep having reinforced that idea I am now a partner and more than anything else in the world right now it's the one thing I really WANT to own. As much as it sits easily, it also weighs heavily. As much as there are possessions in the spare room that increase in number week by week, I find I am unable to open the door now. It remains closed. It is likely to remain closed. My greatest hopes together with my worst fears are in that room now. But I will endeavour to focus on all those positive things I have to look forward to, the incredible future and the endless possibilities. Certainly our discussions about the future and such ordinary plans as what we will do on weekends makes it sound so "normal" that I can do nothing else but focus on what will be.

C&LWM. Yes... soon.... I know..... soon.....


Blogger Tracey said...

I love the Journal Maree ... Perfect colours !!!
Im so glad that things are going well ...
Intersting reading your last blog aswell!

1:16 am  

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