Friday, November 23, 2007


Today has been such a difficult day. I made the offer to drive Shane to Melbourne for his appointment with the specialist. But as much as I had seen the effects of the treatment before, nothing really prepared me for what I experienced today. I can not believe this man has been driving himself home from these treatments in the past. I mean we've all had falls and seen how long it takes for bruising to appear on the body, but after walking out of the building and showing me the marks on his back & chest from todays treatment - my god! There wasn't a piece of skin on his back that didn't bear the brunt of it. And the pain he experienced just from the drive home made me want to cry. Well actually it did make me cry on the way from his house to mine. I hate feeling so helpless when someone I love is in pain.

Thanks to Frank our resident Brekky Presenter & Reflexologist, I have come to appreciate a new understanding of the body and mind connection. The concept really does seem so simple, but makes sense. Google Reflexology and see what you think.

I just hope that everything can be resolved very quickly. There are such incredible possibilities for the future and some amazing opportunities.


Blogger Cass said...

Watching people we love in pain is always so difficult. I'm thinking of you Maree, and hope that whatever is causing Shane's pain is resolved quickly and permanently. *big hugs*

12:08 pm  

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