Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So many subjects - So little time.....

Ahhh what to write about. So many things happening all at once and yet what do I focus on. I guess this is really the problem right at the moment if there is a "problem" in my life. Too many things to draw my attention and just one thing that attracts it. I am finding it so difficult to focus on so many aspects of my life right at the moment as I wait for the one most important thing to my heart to play his cards and make the move that would ultimately make me the happiest woman on the face of the planet. And while I understand the difficulty, the fear, and the repercussions, all I can see are the incredible benefits and the exciting future that lies down that path. Patience...... I have learned that nothing worth having comes easily.

A conversation with a friend this week about the impact we have on people's lives without even being aware of it sometimes, brought to home just how important it is to have friends and support in times of stress. Having someone to talk to, knowing people care and being able to unload some of the weight we carry on a daily basis can often mean the difference between coping and not. I truly do not know where I would be right now without my online friends. Even though many of us have never met in real life, there is an incredible understanding of what each of us goes through in our daily lives, and just simply knowing that people are out there who care about you can get you through the toughest patches.

At the same time there are some who choose to judge you because your life is different from theirs. It's funny but for me I actually feel sorry for them. I think when you judge someone because they are different from you, you lose perspective on life so much. I embrace difference as I feel it gives me the perspective I need to understand how life works. Especially my own life. It gives me the heights for my hurdles, the length of my races and the value of my awards. So that's fine - judge me for my life choices if you want, but be aware that at least the decisions and choices I make for my own life are done with such love and passion and dedication that if I should fall, I will go out burning and blazing rather than living some safe, dull existance for which I would never be remembered.

So much happening this week not the least of which includes our relocation to nearby Warrion Hill for the radio transmission site but also a whole pile of challenging moves that will test even my patience. Fingers crossed.....


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