Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The "I love you" Bird

I wish I knew what type of bird the "I Love You" bird was. I would go hunting for the call on the internet. But we have been having a bit of a laugh about how the call (which I can hear in my head as I write....) sounds like the way Lakeisha used to say I love you when she wanted something. Anyway I am grateful he took up residence somewhere recently. A constant reminder can sometimes be a good thing.

Shane, Lakeisha and I went to the movies on Sunday to see Underdog. I remember the cartoon from so many years ago. But do you think we could remember the call. Finally it came up in the movie. Cute film. Had a few laughs and a nice day out.

So much is happening at the moment that I really can't digest myself. Work, home, health, all issues that are I suppose slowly being addressed. Right now I would give almost anything for a holiday - no matter how brief.... but there is little chance of that for a while I think. Baby steps and patience.


Blogger Tracey said...

hey there you !!!! I was ere 07

8:43 pm  

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