Monday, November 05, 2007

How proud am I????

Actually I have lots of things to be proud of today. One is that I have an incredible daughter who just never ceases to amaze me at times. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming and of the relationship we've forged over the years. Despite the fact that we don't agree on every single detail in life, my god girl you make me proud every single day.

My mother.... hmmmmm well ok there are times when she drives me crazy I will admit, but there are also moments where I just smile and know how lucky I am to have her. Did she do anything? NO. Did she say anything specific? No. But there are just times when I am reminded of just how incredible my parents have been...... even though sometimes she drives me crazy..........

Shane... There are so many stories. So many incredible moments my friend. I am sitting here listening to this incredible music. Recalling so many incredible memories. And it's only been less than 10 months....... What would I do without you in my life?

Another acceptance from Scrapbooking Creations magazine for this layout....

And a couple of entries for the Colac Show were very positive....

Best Album

and Best Double Layout


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