Sunday, November 04, 2007


I guess WW could stand for a lot of things today.

What a Week
Winter Weekend
What a W@nker
Will I or Won't I

Take your pick. Select one of your own. I'm sure I'm not the only person on the face of the planet who's had a seriously character building week and would like the world to slow down a fraction so I can step off for a small break from life.

Anyway what's done is done, disasters from last week are best forgotten or at least remembered for the wonderful opportunities they presented in their wake. It's so funny but Frank and I were only talking off air on Thursday about the way in which we deal with challenging situations and letting go of perfectionism. And a quote that morning from the newspaper, which I don't fully remember verbatum but went something along the lines that pessimists concentrate on the flaws in their opportunities but optimists concentrate on the opportunities in their flaws. Friday was a big flaw but as a result of it - there came a rare opportunity that will rate as one of those memorable moments in my life together with 2 other memorable comments that made my day also. And I am therefore grateful for the big flaw since the other part was far more important to my heart anyway.

Last night I scrapped a page that was a little out of my comfort zone - well I say a little, but let me say that I moved the patterned paper on this layout around the page so much before I decided to stick it down that I'm sure the textured card behind it was worn through by that stage. Thank you to Melissa for sending me some photos to work with to come up with a "boy" page since I had none of my own. This one entitled "A Boy Thing".

And then this 2nd layout that I finished this morning thanks to Leah who sent me a gorgeous pic of her son Aiden to scrap another Boy page. My printer is playing up at the moment so I have only tentatively stuck this photo on to the page so she can remove it when she receives the layout and print off a better quality one for herself. This one entitled "Cardboard & Scissors" and is based on Shane's favourite saying - Don't believe anyone who tells you they'll make you a star - until you see the Cardboard & Scissors". I think it's a pretty good rule to live by - basically just meaning don't rely on everything everyone tells you because often it's not true or it'll never happen.....

I guess the most challenging thing for this week goes like this..... After having issues all day Friday with the whole radio station - picture me up the mountain at the transmission site until after 8:30 p.m. - trying to fix transmission equipment that I know nothing about (let me be very clear on that one - NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE WHAT SO EVER) trying to talk on a mobile phone to a technician in Perth while standing less than 20 metres from a Telstra mobile tower but having so little reception that if you moved more than 30 cm one way or the other you lose ALL signal.... It's a howling gale, rain, I'm standing in a hut that is no more than 3x3 metres in size, it's full of batteries that are at a roaring hum - backup for a computer system within the hut in case the power fails, the door on the hut is like a Safe door. I'm fighting with the door trying to keep it from slamming shut in the wind (Having this nightmare recurring in my head that if the door slams shut and happens to jam - not only will I be plunged into complete darkness with no mobile phone reception, but I'll have the only key to the lock within a 6 hour return drive....) I'm trying to balance a mobile phone, a small torch, a pair of headphones as well as trying to keep the door open AND fix the equipment.

Oh and did I mention up to this point the 6 gates and 3 herds of cattle I had to navigate through to get to the top of the mountain AND I'm wearing a short skirt and high heels? Ahhhh yup......

OK well that week is over.... a new one begins tomorrow.... NEXT PLEASE!


Blogger This is Life said...

Now I love the 2 new layouts ...
ANDDDDD im still lmao ... hmmm radio tower .. door ..torch ... I would have never got in the thing lol

7:19 pm  

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