Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Lyrics To Live By pages...

And here is the facing page for the 3rd week of the Mini Album Challenge at Scrap Pile. Actually I have uploaded a new scan of the Lyrics page as well because I added some flowers and doodling so the two pages would tie in better.... I think they actually look quite good together.

I'm going to make the effort this week to catch up on this challenge since there is a new word out tomorrow again.... and I really don't want to be weeks behind all the time. If I get stuck on the lyrics it will be hard to overcome. It's not like I can do something else now that I've started... Ahh but I keep reminding myself - it's a challenge....

And this was Tammy's Challenge - to create something in the "Bring On Spring" theme and use it as an avatar for the duration of the CC. OK well it's Sunday and I'm a little late but you know what they say - better late than never.... And it's actually a fridge magnet in real life now.

Hoping that everything is OK with you Shan! Everyone is a little worried about you! Hopefully things are fine and it's just a computer glitch or something.

It was good to catch up with Kylie last night for a chat too. You know we're all there for you. Hang in there girl. You are doing amazingly well and I admire you so much.

Back to work tomorrow - a little bit mixed about my enthusiasm. I think it's just that that cut off point is looming again and I'm feeling like all the work has been for nothing. The prospect of going out looking for a new job isn't thrilling me, but I guess at the end of the day whatever is meant to be will happen and we'll all make the best of it one way or the other.


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