Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting a grip.

Life should come with Jesus Bars I've decided. You know of course what Jesus Bars are.... Whatever it is that you grab hold of in impending danger - like in a car crash or something - the thing you reach for as you scream "Jesus - we'll all be killed" or something equally intelligent before the big bang happens. Life needs Jesus Bars. Something to grab hold of before you fall over the edge.

There are probably lots of other things life needs as well. Sometimes it would be handy if people just said what they meant. I am reminded of one of my favourite movie quotes - it comes from the Anthony Hopkins / Brad Pitt - Meet Joe Black movie - Where Anthony Hopkins says to Brad Pitt "Don't blow smoke up my ass - it'll ruin my autopsy".

With my classic Days of Our Lives past... I'm trying so hard today to live in the real world, face the day to day realities with some sense of dignity, try to find some happiness and satisfaction, and do the best I can in my life and my work. But some days I just feel like I'm a tennis ball. The ballboy keeps throwing me to the players and I'm there waiting to be a part of the winning team... but more often than not I get served into the wrong court and end up on the sidelines again.

It's taken me 46 years to come to appreciate - truly appreciate - my worth as a human being on the face of this planet. The sad part is that sometimes I think it's going to take another 46 years for the rest of the world to see it too. But then it's true what they say - self praise is no recommendation.


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