Sunday, August 12, 2007

The new challenge

Oh God what have I got myself into....

Mini Album Challenge on Scrap Pile thanks to Mel & Tammy. Create a mini album and there will be a word of the week for 8 weeks. You have to scrap the word somewhere in your journaling. OK so I thought scrapping a word isn't so hard. Lets make it a real challenge. What most people don't know is that I've dabbled at poetry and lyrics for a number of years. Although it's not often I've shared the poetry and there are only 3 people who have ever read any of the lyrics. So I thought - why not make a challenge for myself - write lyrics for the challenge instead of just journaling. So this morning I wrote my first song for the challenge - easy as since the word was LOVE.... So here is the cover and the first two pages of my Mini Album which I have entitled "Lyrics To Live By".

This particular lyrical creation was to go with the piece of music entitled "AWAKE" which is a gorgeous piano piece by Shane. Although I feel a little guilty about borrowing it for my own use.... My ability at writing probably rates at a minus 1 and I kind of felt a bit like I had just taken delivery of a brand new red Ferrari and then took out a tub of house paint and painted it mission brown or something.... LOL. But anyway - it's just for an album that will sit and collect dust in my room, so hopefully it won't reflect too badly on the beautiful inspirational piece it accompanies.

Once all the pages are finished it will be joined together with rings and decorated with ribbon. I actually am cutting out the pages myself from chipboard instead of using a commercial one. I was inspired by the Lucky Me layout for the shape of this mini album. So we'll see how it goes. 8 Songs in 8 weeks is a stretch and I may regret it, but hey what is life without a challenge.......


Blogger Terri H said...

Loving this mini album maree...cant wait to see it finished.

Have left you a surprise on my blog *wink*

7:26 pm  

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