Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Lyrics & some...

Finally got around to completing the lyrics for week 3 of the Mini Book Challenge at Scrap Pile. Hey I'm only a week behind and a new word comes out on Monday... easy {cough choke} Well hey, it's MEANT to be a challenge.... that's why it's called... well.... a challenge!

So here is the page with the lyrics below and the music it goes with can be found here called Mean To Me.

Actually the music probably wasn't originally called anything like "Mean To Me"... but as it happens with this guy who writes the stuff - he has had a habit of not giving a lot of them titles.... He's presently being re-trained... LOL

I still haven't done the facing page that is supposed to have a photo. I actually think coming up with photos to go with the lyrics create a bigger challenge than writing the lyrics themselves. I may have to get creative and take some photos especially for this thing at this rate. I just keep thinking all the photos of me have been so done to death already with scrapbooking and this blog that I'm sick of seeing them... but we'll see.

Shane & I spent the best part of the afternoon going through a long list of things that need to be done on the music side of things. It's been a while, and that car accident put everything way too seriously aside and behind. After you left guy I thought of a few more things we should have added, but I'll add that to the list in my head and we'll work on it. At least now we have a CD image for "Grumpo" that we're both happy with (and no spelling mistakes....) and have some ideas on where to take this roadshow. If you are having a party and you want some awesome dance music - give us a call! I'll also be very pleased when the piano CD "Swimming With Sharks" is ready too because there are truly some remarkable pieces on there and I want the world to hear them. That said, I should get off this blog and go work on the image for SWS...


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