Saturday, June 23, 2007

Making A Difference

The events of this week have brought to home just how much of an impact not only people have on our lives, but also of the impact we have on theirs. As we go through each day we meet so many people, some we know, some we don't. But these days in our busy lives, often there is little or no thought that goes into the input of even the shortest most insignificant contact we have with people - right down to even just passing someone on the street. Something as simple as a smile to a stranger on the street can make an impact regardless of how brief, it can be a touching moment that may well be remembered throughout the day.

I have been so fortunate to have some very special people in my life who's impact has been so immense that it has essentially shaped the way of the future. But there have also been those strangers on the street, whose faces are now a blur to me, but who I remember nonetheless smiled at me or bid me good morning purely "in the moment" even though we had never before met. Like the lady, standing, waiting with me in an office who out of the blue complimented me on my outfit. Or another lady who complimented me on my perfume in a very long and frustrating line at the supermarket one evening. I don't know them. They don't know me. Likely we may never again meet or recognise one another. But they are moments in my life I remember for no particular reason other than they happened.

Often we don't know the impact we have on others and probably more often than not it isn't something that occupies our thoughts. But we should all be aware of the incredible effect even the smallest kindness can have on the people we come in contact with.

I know today unfortunately someone I care about deeply will be dealing with the impact of friendship and seeking the words to express the feelings of many who are grieving for the loss of a friend. If there is one thing I have learned, it's that we all have our sharks. They can take many forms and attack us in quite different ways. Sometimes we have the strength to keep swimming but sometimes unfortunately the sharks are too hungry or the swimmer is unable to keep treading water. Explanation and understanding at these times are not always easy to come by. But knowing you had enough impact to be included under the heading "friend" is enough to realise that the impact you did have brought joy and happiness at some time.

In the pursuit of happiness there are so many times we find ourselves at the crossroads of life, unsure about the direction to take or indeed, even if we should move from where we are. If you are honest with yourself, the only direction you CAN take is the one that your heart guides you toward and that you feel most drawn to. Life is so precious and so short. Life is to be lived. I have learned from my own experience that simply existing does nothing to enrich your life and keep the passion and fire for living, alive.

The only thing worse than swimming with the sharks is not being in the pond of life to begin with. But when you find yourself surrounded by the sharks - who is it you turn to as your lifeguard?


Blogger Tracey said...

You know this is why I love ya !!! Girl you just have a knack of expressing yourself ... I just totally love it!
( You've been my lifeguard before)

8:02 am  

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