Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Layout

I actually found the will to scrap... how amazing. Thanks to the lovely Katie on scrap pile who gave some very simple directions to using a 35mm camera on anything but auto - I took this pic of our Christmas tree this year on Christmas Eve with the lights glowing. I'm pretty pleased with the way it came up, both the photo and the layout. I actually went through and compressed all the pictures of the layouts that I had uploaded to the internet..... but now I'm not happy with the quality I'm getting showing up on the blog, so I think I may have to re-upload the originals again..... bummer. It's going to take forever on dial up since most of the files are 200-300 kb..... and there are one or two of them these days.... Job for another day - or night - I suspect. I uploaded the original for this one because I love this pic..... You do realise right that if you click on the photos they enlarge......

Here are some more pics I took using the settings. Hopefully I'll get time to scrap them over the next couple of weeks before I lose Christmas Mode.

Ahh the tree is still up. I guess that really should be a job to focus on for this week sometime. Gather up all the decorations and put them away until next year.

Lakeisha deserted me last night for a better offer LOL so it's been pretty quiet here. Thought I would catch up on some bits and pieces and chill out for the day. I would love to scrap another layout but I doubt I'll get the time unless it happens tonight. What I really should do is have a big clean up in the office so it's no longer an office. There is so much crap lying around everywhere - a large garbage bag should do the trick LOL.

The weather is so crappy here but I can't complain about the rain. Everything is so dry and not looking very pretty. Its a good thing I have some work to keep me busy. I still have a brochure to finish for the radio station so that I can finalise the sponsor packages next week and yippee we can have our first sales meeting. Thankfully it's all coming together and I can't tell you what a blast it was to get on the production computer on Friday. Our technical guru who has been actually becoming less involved of late, actually dropped in on Thursday to give me a quick lesson - I mean quick - it was like about half an hour and a blur of him showing me what could be done. It's been sitting there un-used and although a few people have had a go at it - no-one really got the hang of it or had any interest in it. But Friday I went in and played around on the thing for hours and by the time I left Friday night at 6:30 I had created four sponsor adverts for the Country Food Store with Lakeisha, Travis, Charmaine & Joel doing the voiceovers. Same background music but at least it will add a bit of interest. I'm sure they will sound more professional than just having the presenters read the copy on air - and frankly listening to some of them do it - they have a problem sticking with the script anyway LOL

But in this computer program we now have the ability to pre-record one hour shows to CD so that will make an enormous difference and open up possibilities. Make my job a hell of a lot easier as well. Besides which this thing is such a "Me" toy...... at least they will know where to find me. Can't wait to get back in there tomorrow and play with it again. I actually thought about going in today - but I really do need to get the brochure done. Eventually we could look toward getting a computer for the studio and then longer shows could just be recorded to the computer and played directly from there..... ahhhhh yes Flylady - I hear ya - baby steps.....

Cyber Crop at the Scrap Pile this coming Friday night for all you scrappers out there. and I think it will start around 7:00 p.m. EDST. Plus I have the monthly challenge for January and have posted a sketch - so go and have a go at it - you could win yourself a nice little prize. I'm not sure what exactly but I suspect it's likely a $10 voucher to spend in the store.

Have a nice Sunday


Blogger Katie Toland said...

Hi Maree. Happy new year! I really hope 2007 is a great year for you. Onward and upward hey darl!

12:32 pm  
Anonymous Cass said...

Hey Maree,
I'm playing catch up with blogs and forums after my week off. And now I'm reading your blog in backward order. :)
I didn't know you were a Flybaby too! :) How's your sink looking?
*hugs* Cass

6:18 pm  

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