Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welcome November

And it's hoped that November is kinder than the end of October. Unfortunately Shane was made redundant in his job which has been one of those "expected shocks" that come your way sometimes in life. While we knew the company couldn't continue in the downward spiral financially that it has been, its still a shock when the official word comes through that you no longer have a job. And so the job hunting begins.

As usual this beautiful man has made me proud by the way in which he handled the situation. With such class. He never ceases to amaze me. I believe there are few men I have met who would deal with most situations the way he does. I am so very proud of him and I know that he deserves so much in life that there must be something really special for him just around the corner.

This past week has brought with it some fairly eye opening moments where we learned things about the people in our lives. Some of them were things we probably would rather not know. It just serves to remind me of how truly affected we all are by our past lives. No-one escapes. And often knowing what others have to deal with in their lives make our own existence seem far less troubled. But so much of it makes me sad knowing the unhappiness and tragedy of life. The power struggles, the control, the hurt, the manipulation. Watching people pretend to be what they are not, put up with crap they don't deserve, and being controlled by partners who do nothing but put them down. I may have 4 failed marriages behind me but at least now I'm being true to myself and not living my life in a relationship I detest.


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