Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where on earth?

Where on earth do the weeks go? Another two weeks of my life slipped by......

I started my new job on the 12th of this month and so far so good, it looks as though it will be interesting and challenging. There is a big backlog of work to get through and until I can get that under control, it's probably going to be a bit frustrating. But I think once there are some systems in place, it will be a great opportunity to get involved in some things that I haven't done before and unleash a bit of creativity. That's the plan anyway.

On the not so nice front, Shane's company has just been merged with a larger firm that is based in WA. At this point we have no idea whether he has a job or not which is very stressful for him in particular. I realised probably more than ever this year, that as you .... well I was going to say get older - but lets go with "mature" - security becomes even more important to you. I felt the same with the uncertainty of my employment - hence the move to the new job. And I think it's even worse for men. That whole "hunter/gatherer" thing. It's especially difficult and dis-empowering when through no fault of your own you find you may be out of a job just because someone else couldn't balance the books. But we have a strong foundation and enormous faith in one another and I know that whatever life throws at us, we will stand strong and support one another. In any other relationship right now I would have been a nervous wreck - but for this one I know above all else - we'll be OK.

I have managed to get a bit of scrapping done these past couple of weeks - here is one I did for the Kaisercraft October "Mix It Up" Newsletter challenge entitled "Bloomin' Gorgeous".

And this one for Lisa Pate's Bower Bird Challenge at Scrap Therapy entitled "Get Arty".

Happy Saturday....


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