Monday, June 23, 2008

Tired now....

What a long couple of days. After Sunday's marathon effort - 3 a.m. start and my bright idea of not getting any sleep until last night (hey well it seemed like the right decision at the time...) - another trip to the airport tonight to pick up Lakeisha... Don't ask why I'm still up now - I just am. I know if I go to bed early I usually wake up again by midnight and then can't really go back to sleep. As always there are too many things to think about. Too much that floats through my mind.

The big Sydney Challenge seems to have been very much a challenge for the kids. I'm really sorry it's been such an unpleasant experience for them, but then I guess in the real world not all experiences are positive so maybe they will walk away with more than they expected out of it. If I tell you around 50 of the kids in attendance ended up with diahorrea for the weekend from the food that was provided - I think you will get the picture. According to the other team members their accommodation smelled (I have a grateful child this evening for her lack of ability to smell anything...) and was not particularly clean. That coupled with reports of some questionable integrity in the other teams was enough to tarnish the experience for them. Heck it would be enough to tarnish the experience for anyone.

Unfortunately they were not valiant in their quest to win the competition but I'm very proud of all of them for their decisions to uphold the integrity of the event, play by the rules, and not to cheat. The recognition of the fact that winning isn't everything is a great lesson I think. And of course I am very proud of Lakeisha who once again had to represent her team as one of the two speakers. She was afraid she had let the team down by her performance - but the fact that she stepped up to the plate and participated I think shows a courage and dedication that will bring it's own rewards for her future.

A part of my mail today was a pizza box full of goodies from Scrap Pile. I had won a few gift vouchers over the last couple of months but hadn't been shopping. I finally got around to selecting a few bits and pieces and then left the rest to Mel to pick out. I opened the box tonight when I got home and there are so many lovely things in there!!!!!! I really miss the time to scrap. I really want to try to make a bit more time to create things. I've missed it a great deal.

Great pain tonight in my back. Looking forward a great deal to the chiropractor's appointment on Friday. My back feels a bit like it's immitating my life right at the moment - painful and drawn out with little relief in sight.....


Blogger Melissa said...

Oh Gosh , I hope you liked all the things in the PIZZA BOX I stood there thinking and stuffing around for a little while hoping like hell I was picking things you would like, and challenge you with..heehee.Hope you feel much better on Friday after your BACK CRACKING appointment....

1:35 pm  

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