Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just playing around

A lot of playing around today - some of it not scrapping and some was. Having a little fun teasing someone this morning. LOL now you know what it's like to be watched!

This afternoon I tackled Jewls challenge to create a baby card. I don't recall knowing anyone who is due except for maybe one person who's daughter is due next month, and sadly I can't remember if she is expecting a boy or a girl. If it's a girl I guess I can send this card....

The Cyber Crop was a bit of fun. I managed to win a Bingo game - shortly afterward the internet connection decided to play up leaving me stranded mid conversation, but only after a lot of laughs. I have no doubt next weekend is going to be a really fun time in Brisbane with the girls. Even though I haven't met any of them yet, I feel so calm and relaxed especially about meeting a few of them - it's a bit like having known them for years and just catching up for a coffee. Which reminds me - I really should empty all the photos off the camera memory card - just to make sure there is plenty of room.


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