Saturday, March 29, 2008

Australian Business Week.

Well they say Winners are Grinners and they certainly were today. 10 Year 12 Students from across the State of Victoria are tonight grinning pretty wide if Lakeisha's face is anything to go by. Because they were a part of the fabulous Red Team who won this years Australian Business Week honours at the Deakin University. You can find out more information about this incredible program via the Deakin Uni site here.

I was so proud to sit there and watch Lakeisha take centre stage to give the Financial Report as a part of the oral presentation. My god she was fantastic, I kept thinking those weeks of radio presentation certainly didn't go astray....., as was CEO Matt and the rest of the team as they went through their various roles during the day.

Well done Red Team. So now it's off to Sydney in June to contest the Global Award. How exciting is that?????


Blogger Melissa said...

WAY TO GO LAKEISHA!!!!!!and MUM, for obviously being a wonderful , supportive parent all these years.Gorgeous photos girls and I am sure that I will see them all scrapped soon.Congrats on your win RED TEAM...and best of luck in June

11:04 pm  

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