Friday, March 14, 2008

The huge week

I'm not sure I will be able to do this week justice in a blog entry. To say it's been a huge week really doesn't even touch the surface. What's it's meant to me in so many ways makes it unforgetable for so many reasons. It's been a week of growth, understanding, comprehension, reconnection and strength. A week where my faith in "balance" has been restored and "confidence" in myself has been challenged. This has so much been the first week of the rest of my life that it's difficult to know what to focus on and pursue.

The realisation of three things make it stand out for me.

One... is that I have the most incredible friends. Not the friends who are there for you when it suits. The ones who are there for you when YOU need them. Friends who have no interest in judgement or seeing you conform to their ideas or thoughts... Real friends who only have your welfare and happiness at heart and are there for you to encourage you and help you to identify and achieve your own goals and happiness. I was left speechless by the timely visits Michael. And one text message in particular at a time when I was sitting at a restaurant and feeling so happy for the first time in a very long while, which said "Maree, announcing your dream will recruit the people who will help you and expose your enemies. Also your dream has never been closer than it is at this instant". If only you knew just how close "it" was right at that particular instant.

Two is that I am at a crossroad of a very exciting rebirth of my life. I have emerged from the despair and fear and although I still feel a little unsure I am ready to step out into the world and own my destiny. I know that I can take on all sorts of exciting new things, I am ready to pursue a new career and I now know how strong and talented and determined the past has made me. And I am more than ready to move ahead and change some priorities in my life so that I finally come first rather than everyone else ahead of me.

The third thing that stood out for the week was that life is so temporary, it can be gone in a moment. Some of us get warnings, some of us get insights. Some of us just fail to see the signs. When you have a chance for true happiness it's not something you should EVER question or play around with. Having the support and love of someone who is in your heart and you can't imagine living life without is more important and more worth preserving than most any other things I can think of. If you don't have love - true love - unconditional love - in your life, then you truly have very little. Earning all the money in the world will not bring you the richness that comes with sharing respect and trust and love with another human being.

One of the other more outstanding moments of the week was seeing the growth in those around me. Even though pride is considered one of "those sins"... I have to say that I am very proud of a certain individual who has merely tapped the surface of their potential. I hate I told you so. But in this case - I told you so. You are big. You can be so much bigger. Just be as big as you want to be. Those of us who love you expect no more and no less.

Such hot weather this week as well. It makes you want to go to the beach again and again and again.....


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