Thursday, February 28, 2008


I don't think I will ever underestimate the influence people have in your life. Sometimes it comes from expected places and sometimes it can really come out of the blue so much it leaves you speechless.

Today has been such an incredible day. It started with another morning of the Breakfast Show with Frank and despite being tired and both a little flat - a kind of easy comfortable feeling of 2 friends who just enjoy doing a "job" together. The whole going for coffee thing has become a ritual in the mornings that is different each and every day of the week despite the fact that we go to the same place every morning. McDonalds Colac and a chat with Maree who probably makes the best Coffee and Hot Chocolate in town. She's such a lovely lady, and always greets you with a smile and a personal chat. That's service.

I have also been attending the job network mornings which aside from being a pain in the ass time wise, has actually resulted in some new associations that have been pleasant and helpful and supportive as well. It even resulted in a new presenter for the Radio Station in Ray who not only turned out to be a pretty damn fine radio guy but also someone who makes me laugh as well.

And a routine job like collecting the mail today had me in tears when I received the most gorgeous card from Jewls as a part of Tammy's Cyber Crop Challenge at Scrap Pile. The card I had already admired in the gallery, but to open an envelope and find it sitting in my hands was something else. And then I opened it and read the sentiments inside. I am so touched by your compassion and your friendship. And I forgot to mention the absolutely beautiful handwriting! Your support and encouragement means so much, and the gift of your card has truly touched me a great deal. Thank you Jewls. I will never forget this and the card will remain a treasured gift.

Two things sealed this day as one to remember. One was a Reflexology session with Frank that has me frightened but inspired. I am sad to think the wall has been reinforced so much that it was impenetrable, and I felt the resistance of myself even as the process took place. As much as I tried to relax - there was the wall in all it's glory "protecting" me and I've never wished so much for a sledge hammer in all my life..... But I suppose I am inspired in a way that I know this has to be a turning point to acknowledge and actually do something about changing the cycle that continues in my life. The other thing was a phone call that was sad and heart wrenching. And as much as I feel the pain, I know there is nothing I can do to change a thing. I need to just "Be" and allow the future to unfold without trying to take control of the steering wheel. It's funny, but I think I am grateful to let it go......


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