Sunday, March 16, 2008

The funny side of life.

After a text message last week which told me, in part, that "Announcing your dream would recruit the people who will help you and expose your enemies....." - I almost choked on my mineral water after it came true for a 2nd time but this time in a different way.

Clearly the powers of the universe are out to prove they exist to me right at the moment. I'm kind of laughing to myself in the devious way only I can to myself.... Don't mind me. I'm just rather enjoying the fact that people eventually show their true colours, and usually if you give them enough rope they'll find their own way of hanging themselves.


Blogger Melissa said...

It will all happen when it is meant to Maree....and you are doing the right thing.Keep doing what you're doing and have a laugh or two along the way

10:22 pm  

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