Sunday, October 14, 2007

Scrapping weekend!

I know there were a thousand other things I was going to do this weekend, but I am pleased to now have the layouts I had planned to do this week all out of the way. The only one I didn't get done was a Design Team one that I'm really stuck on - the whole "Boy" thing is just really keeping me tied in knots and aside from having no photo of a "Boy" to scrap, I just don't have the inspiration to use the word "Buddies" either LOL. Call me un-Australian.

Anyway, the new LO was in the previous blog entry, but what I've done is create two new LO's that go with existing ones. I now have 3 Double LO's and that's one more than I needed. Decisions decisions.......

Awesome to see that the girls on are actually looking at coming to meet up in Melbourne and what a fantastic weekend that will be. I can't wait and I'll be getting that accommodation booked just as soon as we know how many people are coming!

I had an interesting phone call this morning, Sister-In-Law Rosemary called to see how we were doing. They are really such nice people and bare little resemblance to the brother who evidently by all accounts "hasn't changed a bit" on his recent visit home according to the phone call. And you would expect that why????? Pity he didn't send some money to the people he owes it to, instead of spending a fortune on a trip to NZ trying to impress everyone. I'm told most weren't impressed and that he was just as arrogant as ever, so it was a waste of money.

Sunday almost over. Another week begins. Wonder what gems await for this one!


Blogger alsbabe said...

Hi Maree, I've just joined scrap-pile and was checking out your blog. Love your work by the way, and was reading this post about not having a boy to scrap! I could send you a photo of my son if you still need to do a boy page?. If you are interested, email me [allanleah (at) ozemail dot com dot au]. I'd be honoured to have you create a layout of my son!

8:50 am  

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