Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mini Album Challenge

Have spent all day today trying to catch up on the Mini Album Challenge at Scrap Pile. And I am so pleased to have it all done up to date now.

Week 4's word was "Important".

Week 5's word was "Wonder".

There is a story behind the chair on the table thing. Shane was visiting and enroute from the Lounge to the kitchen he bumped one of the dining chairs. Lakeisha being smart said "There's a chair there Shane". He stops, looks at the chair, picks it up and places it on the table, turns to her and says "Not any more...." It's a nutty house we live in at times.....

Week 6's word was Habits.

The photo in this layout is very old. It's a photo that belonged to my Aunty Dulcie who passed away a number of years ago. The photo is of her sitting looking out over a cliff. Unfortunately I don't know where it was taken or who took it, but it has captured my imagination ever since I discovered it amongst some old slides that once belonged to her. I thought the very isolation represented by the photo was the essence of the isolation I sometimes crave away from everyone else's problems and tantrums. A place to be just by myself. She was such a special lady, a little eccentric, but very special none the less.

These lyrics came about thanks to inspiration from some so called "friends" who have taken to dumping their shitty mood on me lately. Aside from the fact that I didn't deserve it, it hurts like hell when you bare the brunt of the anger of someone you care about, people you've tried to help. I think that sometimes people don't give any thought to the impact of the words they say.

I say dumping lately, but frankly the reason why I picked this subject to write about for the word Habits is that it seems to have been something that I've had happen in so many relationships. I don't know if it's just normal for everyone to do it or if I'm just "lucky" enough to have struck a whole pile of guys who seem to take pleasure in making me pay for every shitty thing that goes wrong in their lives. I can't say I've had many women do it to me. Maybe it's a guy thing. I don't know. I just know that I always try to lay any anger firmly at the feet of whatever is the cause of the problem and not just lash out at the nearest person, especially not those people closest to me. I know we all have bad days - but...........! I've never understood this behaviour. Think about what you say and who you are saying it to before you bite someone's head off. I always think to myself, what if it was the last time I ever saw that person and my last words to them were some cruel cop out they didn't deserve and I would regret it until the day I died.

Roll on Monday....


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