Saturday, July 28, 2007

Everything happens for a reason...

It's a fairly profound statement and while I know that often the reason isn't clear at the time, it's a belief I hold to very much, that everything does indeed happen for a reason. Nothing teaches like the lessons of time and life. Although many would disagree I do think we all get wiser as we get older. We certainly are taught many lessons through our experiences in life. All of us learn something new each and every day, whether it's about ourselves or the people around us, but we do learn something new I think. Maybe not always exactly new, but something "more" might be a better description.

Each of us are wise in different ways. I think the key to really learning from the experience is what you do with the knowledge stored up there in the grey matter. The keys to happiness and success, love and relationships, health and wellbeing, are often as simple as going with your gut feeling and listening to your heart. If there is something I have learned in the past 46 years, it's to finally trust myself. Especially after the disaster of the past 11 years of my life. If I had trusted myself and listened to my heart, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and unhappiness and walked away a healthier person I'm sure. Certainly better off financially if nothing else.

But then I think there was a reason why that happened too. I know that it's made me more patient, more calm, more aware. It's proven to me that I have strength beyond anything I thought I had within me. It's opened my eyes to the utmost importance of honesty and integrity, trust and unconditional love, fairness and equality. It's also taught me that whatever "it" is - if it's meant to be - it will. And nothing you can do will change that. I have the maturity and the courage now to accept what's meant to be and move on from what's not whether in my personal or professional life.

There are reasons why the things that are happening in your life are happening too. Maybe it's to remind you how special some things or people are. Maybe it's to give you the courage to face your tomorrows. Maybe it's to give you a jolt of reality to remember just how short life really is. Maybe it's to tell you life is precious and you should be living every moment rather than just existing. Afterall, life by it's very own definition is living......


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