Thursday, November 18, 2010

A tough week

It has been a very tough week so far and I will be very glad to see the tail end of this one. My Dad suffered a heart attack on Monday. He's stable, but you just know in your heart that this can lead to no good for him. With already little quality of life, this can only make him weaker. It's such a sad thing to watch anyone close to you get old, and sometimes old age can be just the cruellest thing.

Sitting in the emergency room with him was just the most surreal experience and not in such a good way. If it hadn't been such a worrying time, the sight of the middle aged female doctor attending dressed in a leopard print top that barely made it around her ample proportions, coupled with the short "Best & Less" denim skirt and high cork heeled shoes, complete with "bed hair" would have been funny enough to point and laugh.


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