Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another week goes by

I can scarcely believe we are almost into June - Winter what's more - Where has the year gone? Time seems to fly past so quickly these days. I can't keep up! So much changes and yet so much stays the same.

This week I feel as though a great deal of progress has been made in some areas. I am enjoying the new job and it seems as though there is a good working relationship developing which is great. One of the biggest aims I am told is that work should be fun as well as being efficient. It certainly is revealing some fun aspects so with some effort to keep everything on track I hope it maintains it's present momentum. I'm loving as much as anything the diversity in the day, but also exploring the ways in which I can be more productive with the team effort that is required. Sometimes with long days in the vehicle, the concentration is difficult to maintain, but weigh that up with not being stuck in an office and I guess I can find a way to fix that.

There is also the excitement of looking for somewhere to rent so that I can cut down the travelling. We've been offered a house that sounds interesting but is a bit more expensive than we'd hoped. I guess time will tell what happens there. Lets see what the week brings and I'll fill you in on that situation.

I feel like I'm really dragging the chain when it comes to blogging but patience as they say is a virtue. I'm patient if nothing else.


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