Thursday, May 29, 2008

The not so BIG secret...

Well the big secret that did actually manage to be kept for some 8 weeks or more is finally out. After quietly making some discreet enquiries with some of the girls at Scrap Pile to go to Brisbane in June, managing to book my tickets a few weeks later, and making arrangements for accommodation and to meet up with some of the lovely ladies - the secret is out and the surprise for Mel's Birthday is kind of no surprise any more. Never mind. Actually I feel kind of bad for ducking and dodging all her questions about whether the Mystery Guest was actually me for so long anyway that in some respects it's a good thing to have it out of the way. Although I must admit - some warped part of my sense of humour was looking forward to the scream and hurling of abuse for denying when the knock at the door of the apartment revealed both Melanie AND I..... But hey - there will still be screams and hugs in abundance for the day I am sure.

And so it's now just 8 days and I will be in Brisbane with some of my favourite people in the world. Aside from the excitement of meeting them all, I am just looking forward to the change of scenery, the break, and of course checking out the Scrapbooking Convention and all the products for sale there. I don't plan to spend a fortune, but I am looking forward to seeing what interesting products are there and of course buying a few bits and pieces to add to my collection. But the most exciting thing about the trip will be just getting to know these lovely ladies better after many months of talking via the internet. I have no doubt we will have many stories to tell on our return.

It's been a challenging week so far, although one that gives me more and more encouragement and insight as to where the future lies. When I think about events of the past, what I've learned both about myself and the people around me, and what's important to me, I see more clearly than ever what it is I want for my future. It comes with fears & concerns, but also with hope and anticipation and a clarity I've never had in the past.

Another visit to the dentist coming up next week - and while I can't say I'm looking forward to the actual event - I am however looking forward to the work being completed. How incredibly fortunate I am to have the wonderful people I do in my life right now. Who would have thought that would extend itself to include an amazing dentist who is not only a lovely man but who is helping me to improve my appearance and my health, and to the equally amazing man who is footing the bill for this. Life truly does work in mysterious ways at times. And as much as my dear friend and I have this conversation on many occasions - I don't believe all in life is random - there is too much co-ordination in this particular phase of my life to believe it all came together by chance!

Have changed the music again - this time to another Chillout track called "Carni". Loving these smooth tunes at the moment and trying to get the artwork to come together to produce a double Chillout CD..... Hopefully I'll find some time to get that completed over the weekend as well.

OH and before I forget - all you scrappers out there - a Cyber Crop at Scrap Pile this Friday night! Lots of great games, challenges and prizes I am sure. Join Us. Well join whoever is online. Not sure what time I will be getting home and online. Just hope I can stay awake for it! LOL


Blogger Melissa said...

WOMAN!!!!!You better darn well be there at the SCRAP-PILE CC or else you won't be able to walk next weekend....LOL...nah only kidding.
You ratbag though and I am quite impressed about how well you kept this secret from me.I bet though, if I had asked you face to face if you were coming, it would have been much harder to not duck and dodge....hmmmm.

I am so very looking forward to meeting you next week too.We are all gonna have a blast for sure.

7:43 pm  
Blogger Melissa said...

woops it was supposed to say " it would be so much harder to duck and dodge"

7:45 pm  
Blogger Jewls said...

I hope you have a great time at the get together Maree. I know the girls as much are going to love meeting you just as much as I did.
Good luck with the not spending much, LOL.

9:42 pm  

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