Thursday, May 29, 2008

Repeating patterns

Do you ever find yourself repeating patterns in your life? It makes me wonder how hard the lesson has to be before you actually learn what you are being taught at times.

Tonight I was reminded of something I learned, of all things, from Darren. I remember after a particularly disappointing incident involving a dog show, his comment - and I quote - "You are too nice to people. They know they can do the wrong thing by you and you will still speak to them the next day. You need to tell them to get fucked once in a while. Maybe then they won't be so quick to choose you to be the one they dump." unquote.

That was probably about 10 years ago. Did I learn from it? I don't know. I remember it. I know now 10 years later that those words are so true. I am reminded also of the words of the lovely Dr Phil - who wisely says we teach people how to treat us. I certainly do get a little tired of being the one people dump on. I guess I've had a mixed day - one where I got a little of my own back - not that it gave me one ounce of satisfaction but I thought at the time - to hell with it - you've been giving me grief for weeks - here - take possession of the mirror and have a look at yourself for a moment.... And the other was a "fuck you I've had a bad day and I want you to feel bad for a moment as well" minute. OK well I felt bad. Happy now? And one wonders why I wrote these lyrics last year?????? Seems it wasn't ONLY appropriate for my young troubled friend afterall.

OK well enough venting. 8 Sleeps until my wonderful weekend away. I am so looking forward to it. I can't wait to get up there and you know I'm going to be never wanting the weekend to end!


Blogger Melissa said...

LOL...YOU aint the only one that won't want the weekend to end.Can't wait to meet you.

7:47 pm  

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