Sunday, October 08, 2006

October DT Layouts

This weekend I've managed to play with my new Design Team package from The Scrap Pile which arrived late last week. Came up with a couple that I really like.

The scan doesn't do either of them justice I don't think, especially the Angels Dream 2 LO as you can't clearly see the journaling or the Angels part of the title. It's much better in real life.

Talking to a couple of local ladies yesterday who do scrapping and especially one who said she was about to start on albums for her children and it got me to wondering about my random scrapping.... I guess it depends mostly on my mood at the time, but sometimes I grab a photo and go hunting for the right paper, but then other times I have the paper & embellies all picked out before I even figure out which photo to scrap. I guess that explains why I'm kind of all over the place on what I've scrapped & what I haven't. Plus the fact that I'll be re-scrapping some pics anyway since the original LO's went in the large collection to Lakeisha's Dad for his birthday gift, and there were of course some special milestones in there that I want for my own collection as well.

I'm yet to make a start on the paper I brought home from my LSS and I guess now that some of my commitment to Cass has been finalised for the month, I can start looking at some of that as well. It will be heaps of fun making up the kits - another challenge in itself to keep the cost to a reasonable level but at the same time make a kit that gives some flexibility in terms of what you can create with it......

Plus at this rate I am going to have to do some serious work on my office to clean up and make some extra room for storage for all the additional bits and pieces. So many jobs - so little time.

Hope everyone had a great weekend...




Blogger Terri Brown said...

HI Maree,

Love thsoe Lo's but then again you knew that. I do pop over & read your blog pretty much every couple of days...jsut forget to drop some love for you lol.

Anywho..I am off to hopefully scrap something or someone LOL

4:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love love love your work maree and i like the way you took pics on angle to see detail well done alli lol

7:19 pm  
Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Maree those LO's are stunning...well done..I pretty much jump all over the show as well with what I scrap I guess I find it easier that way
Have a great day

8:02 pm  

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