Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Highs & Lows

Well I am really pleased to have my blog back at Blogger. I like the fact that I have more control over how the page looks here.

What a week last week! Aside from a whole bunch of rubbish that went on which I refuse to stoop so low as to go on and on and on about in MY blog.... There were plenty of things to celebrate and there were new scrapbooking pages... AND dog shows...

The week didn't start that well. After waiting weeks to get in for a breast scan and then having to wait 7 weeks and still no results!!!!! I got a call from the clinic on the Monday confirming my appointment for Wednesday. My reply - What Appointment! To which the woman responded Oh hasn't someone called you with your results..... hmmmm clearly not. Ahhhh OK so Houston - we have a problem! I guess I can be grateful that there were only 2 days until the appointment. But those 2 days were horrendous. And no matter how many times everyone tells you it's going to be fine - I don't think you would be human if even for the slightest second the very worst thoughts didn't run briefly through your mind. So yes by Wednesday morning I was a wreck. But to cut a very long story short - after 3.5 hours of poking, prodding, screening, waiting and talking - the diagnosis was that it was OK - just keep an eye on it.

I can't tell you the huge relief. I mean I knew I was worrying about it, but I don't think I realised quite how much until that very moment. I've been completely unable to function these past few months. Everything has suffered, I haven't really felt like doing anything and nothing that used to give me any pleasure has been able to lift my spirits - except I have to say Scrapbooking which was probably the thing that saved me from going right round the twist. I was able to throw myself into it and for at least a short period of time forget to some degree the thoughts that kept invading every part of my day.

Friday night The Scrap Pile had a Cyber Crop. I hadn't been a part of one before but it was fun. I must admit I didn't get to be as involved as I wanted because we had entered 2 dog shows at Hamilton on the weekend and with dogs to bath, stuff to pack, etc etc etc, I was just popping in here and there to see how things were going throughout the evening. I did manage to do a couple of LO's for the challenges, I had hoped to do all three but I needed sleep and sleep won the war.

I did this Layout for Dads 80th Birthday which was a couple of years ago. I had arranged a get together of some of his past guitar students, friends & family... it was a great day and I have a few really nice shots that I need to scrap - but then I have lots of photos to scrap so they are just sitting in line waiting there turn.

I also did another LO of our little lawn wrecker... there is an Echidna that has been hanging around lately and he has taken to visiting our front lawn in search of ants. Clearly we grow good ants in our garden because he has literally single handedly wrecked the front lawn... I took some photos of him and scrapped him cos despite being a naughty little buggar - he's cute.

And to top off the good things for the week.... we had success at the dog shows as well. My beloved Hogan won Best of Breed & Best Open in Group on Saturday and then on Sunday absolutely surprised the heck out of me by winning Best of Breed and Best Exhibit in the Gundog Group! It was such a great fun weekend and just what I needed after the hectic week I'd had. Thanks in no small part to my friend Wendy who apart from being a bad influence on the alcohol consumption - provided us with lots of laughs and a good old fashion GREAT time. My only disappointment for the weekend, aside that it was over, was that in all that time I forgot to pick up the camera ONCE..... Oh well. Another day - another dog show.

Enough for now (more than enough I would have thought....) On with the day's duties! Have a great week.


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