Thursday, September 21, 2006


How sad was the Steve Irwin memorial???????? I couldn't sit down to watch it. I had a lump in my throat throughout the whole thing and I just couldn't watch when they showed Terri. I couldn't help but think what an incredible ordeal it must have been for her to face that.... surrounded by all those pictures of Steve - larger than life - a bit like the man really. But it was such a fitting tribute and I think Stevo would have been sitting up there on a cloud somewhere watching over it all having a bit of a laugh and probably shedding a tear or two for upsetting everyone so much.... How is it that someone you never really knew and never ever met can touch your heart in such a way. The more I think about it - the more I think none of it makes sense - his death, the way I feel, all the sadness........

That aside - today I needed to scrap. No I mean I NEEDED to scrap. I had a LO in mind for a while. Actually I had planned to use it for Katie's challenge at The Scrap Pile's Cyber Crop last Friday night but I just plain ran out of time and so today the idea was put into reality - with a few extras that wouldn't have been allowed at the CC.... LOL

OK no laughing but this is a picture of me - somewhere around 1962, riding a giant cement budgie of some description... (I suspect it was meant to be a flamingo or something except from memory it was more the colour of a seagull LOL). Yeah don't laugh - I was cute. At least my mother tells me I was so I have to take her word for it don't I.....

This weekend I think is shaping up to be a quiet one. Probably a good thing after the fun of last weekend. I could use some more scrapping time.

Cass has organised another Cyber Crop for Scrap Pile - it's November 10th - BE THERE!!!!! I made her a little gift as well.... check this out!

OK shameless plugs over. I should go and cook some dinner.....


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LO looks great were such a
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