Friday, September 22, 2006


Well what a Friday it's been. Got a call to say that one of our employee vehicles managed to roll off the road, and by all accounts the damage is pretty ugly. We now have a Troop Carrier that looks more like a ute.... but the one THANK GOD I do have is that everyone is OK. Obviously all a bit shaken up and probably will be sporting a few sore spots tomorrow, but alive and walking away. Vehicles can be fixed or replaced - people can't.

In the meantime I actually got to scrap again today... it was helping to cheer me up until I got that phone call. But I have had this photo for quite a few weeks, of my friend Lisa's son Callan. I really like the way this one came up. And if you think I have a bit of an obsession with those red flowers lately - well I bought a long stem of them and there are probably 20-30 flowers on there so they are going to last a while LOL...

Oh and LOOK - there is stitching.... My mum went into town and so I thought I would sneak over to her house and borrow her sewing machine for a bit of a play... I've decided this could become addictive - and probably quite dangerous for someone like me. As I was discussing with Cass at The Scrap Pile earlier today - you might as well call me the Queen of Don't Know When To Stop.... But I still think I'll put in for a cheap sewing machine for Christmas. Anyway - LISA - CALLAN - Hope you like it!!!!! Now I just have to find the pic of Ryan so he's not feeling left out!

Gosh the first week of the school holidays is over and we've done absolutely nothing except hang out at home. Will be heading off to the Royal Show next week some time so that will be a bit of fun. Have to go and buy the customary Whizz Fizz Showbag! I just love those cones with the sherbet in the bottom and the sprinkle topped marshmallow on the top.... mmmmmmm making my mouth water thinking about them. Yeah I know you can buy them at Safeway for half the price, but then isn't that half the fun of going to the show? But then we will also have to try to fit some other day trips in... the time just goes so fast!

Well I should go lodge a claim with the insurance company.. that will make their day as well no doubt. Hope everyone has a good weekend... Stay safe!



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