Friday, October 06, 2006


Yep - it's Friday!!!!! yeah.
The boys had fun last night - last summer there were a few days where we had the crew out working on the property practicing with chainsaws & brushcutters, and we cut down heaps of tea-tree to try to create a larger buffer around the house & kennels in case of fire. But of course the employees of the time in their wisdom put the pile of tops to be burned right next to the pile of trunks that were to be cut up for firewood - so the tops have just been sitting there - major fire hazard and a haven for snakes - right behind the kennels.

So yesterday when the boys got rained out, and given we had to pay them for 3 hours whether they worked or not - I came up with the great idea that since it wasn't raining at home, maybe they could come and move the keeper stuff to another location and clean up a couple of other areas that had just been heaped.

So when Murray & Paul got home last night, lets just say there was a little bonfire happening out the back. Murray just loves those fires........... obviously a boy thing. Anyway it burned the worst of it and just as it was reaching a peak - down came the rain. Mother nature's own fire extinguisher... Timing is everything. Now just have to get rid of the HUGE pile of trunks which is... did I mention HUGE??????

Created another LO this morning and now off to bath some dogs.

Have a Great Weekend!!!




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