Tuesday, October 17, 2006

JUST another week

I'm not quite sure when it was that I "ran over that chinaman" as the saying goes - but I sure need to keep a better watch on where I'm driving.......

What a week! And it's only Tuesday.

This is Steven with his favourite toy "Mr. Greebly". Steven was a showdog but over recent years has just been the resident toy hound and food critic. Well actually he couldn't really be described as a food critic because I'm convinced he would have eaten ANYTHING you put in his foodbowl. He had the MOST amazing face - earned him the name Face Cake! LOL We even make biscuits in his honour - Face Cake biscuits....... Lakeisha said to me tonight we will have to make some Face Cakes.... Yes we will have to make some. Don't ask why - I'm not sure how he got it - but he also had the nickname "Dibble". In fact often it was Dibble Face Cake. Poor dogs in this home - they get the weirdest names at times...... but they seem happy......

Anyway - sadly Steven was diagnosed with Cancer last week and was really starting to show signs of not being well and I had to make the very difficult decision today to let him go before he really started to suffer. He was just the sweetest little dog. I think we'll remember always the way his eyes used to bug out when we had Sticky Date Pudding for dinner. He LOOOOOVVVVVED sticky date pudding. He loved his bikky at night and he loved to be loved. And he was pretty easy to love. Not a mean bone in that body. Just such a cute dog... I'll just miss him to bits. RIP Dibble. I will always luv ya.............

And just to top off the absolute WORST day........ hmmmmmmm a bushfire just a couple of kms up the road. According to the DSE website it's meant to be contained but I had to admit I was a wee bit nervous for a while. Thankfully the wind was blowing the "right" way for it not to be a threat to us.... but a bushfire is a bushfire and a wind change can mean the difference between safe and gone in a matter of minutes.

I need sleep......... will post details of new layouts when I've had some. Cheers folks.


Blogger Terri Brown said...

Hun I am so sorry to hear abou tyour beautiful dog. I am sure he is smiling down on you from the place he has found with no pain.

Your friends are here for you should you need us.

10:07 pm  
Blogger Joanne Bain said...

So sorry to hear about Dibble..He looks so pretty in that pic..I hopee your week starts to get better for you.
Have a great day

6:19 am  

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