Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time MARCHes on

So many stories, so little time. At the forefront of life is the new knowledge that the accident Shane was involved in way back in July 2007 actually resulted in a fractured spine that until about a month ago went undiagnosed. I guess that WOULD explain the escalating pain over the past 4 years amongst other things. So now we are facing a fairly difficult regime of exercise and failing that surgery. It seems it never rains but it pours.

On a brighter note, there are some very good things about having the man at home. Pulling up in the drive and having him waiting on the verandah for a hug and/or to help you carry in whatever you've brought home with you is something I do look forward to every single day. And in all the drama I would hope to honestly say we are OK and we are coping. It's a tough road, our life, but we have each other and that is the thing that gives us both the strength to carry on. I know that somehow we'll manage to make the best of whatever is thrown at us. I love him more now than I ever have, and even though I know the future holds even more challenges, I am not daunted by it or have I for one second second guessed any past decisions.

On a broader scope, I'm saddened by the tragic events in Australia, Christchurch and now as I write the whole Japanese disaster is unfolding. I am so very grateful right now to live where I do. I can't imagine the sheer terror of going through such devastating events as cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis. I tend to think my only real risk here is fire, and it looks as though that risk is minimised for this year at least. One can only hope the loss of life in Japan is kept to a minimum but when you see the vision on TV it's hard to imagine anyone in its path surviving.

In the meantime, photos, scrapbooking and preparations for the long awaited Halloween party as well as Lakeisha's 21st birthday (which isn't for over a year yet) take up our time and our thoughts. It is good in difficult times to have distractions......


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