Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

I'd have to say that this year really isn't one I'm too sentimental about saying goodbye to. It's been a rough one. Losing Dad was without doubt the most painful part of the year and in fact probably the most painful experience of my life. Nothing prepares you for the loss of a parent that you love. There is a kind of weird emptiness and immense sadness. And at times when I least expect it he pops into my mind and then leaves again without so much as a word.

But the year has been an interesting journey.

January was dominated by the news that the house we were living in had been put back on the market. As I look back on it now it was a blessing in disguise, but at the time it was a huge disappointment as we loved the house at Forrest and it had represented such an important part of Shane's growth. But there were a couple of weekends with friends and family that brought us joy.

February brought good news after another hospital stint that Shane's biopsy did not contain any cancer - a huge relief to both of us after preparing for the worst. My work went from full time to part time and although at the time it seemed like that was a daunting situation to be in, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as well.

March's highlight was an incredible trip to Sydney to celebrate Shane's birthday, that in many ways changed both our lives for the better, giving us focus and heightened hopes for the future. Shane and I also did the public broadcast for the local Kana Festival parade - a lot of fun.

April saw the strengthening of our relationship, for me cementing what I already knew. A realization of just how much this man means to me and how lucky I am to be supported in so many ways. I started scrapbooking again with renewed vigour and inspiration and truly felt as though life was on track. Lakeisha turned 19 and we celebrated with an overnight stay in Melbourne.

May included a celebration of my mum's birthday at the Hogs Breath Cafe with Helen & John joining us for a fun night out.

June, Shane and I moved back into the Barongarook house and started yet another chapter in our lives. We also came to the conclusion that we never want to move house again. Man what a job it is.

July included a special surprise birthday gathering for me, once again at Hogs Breath Cafe, with Rhonda & David joining us for a really fun night. We also ended up with 2 free tickets to the football in Melbourne and booked a holiday to Cairns for 2011.

August found us finally settled in the new house although a bit waterlogged from all the rain we had.

September and off to the Royal Melbourne Show again, winning Best in Show in the Scrapbooking for the 2nd year. I finished up my stint working in the Planning Department - a move that was definitely good for my soul, and had a bit of a break with 10 days off to spend at home. We also managed to purchase tickets to see Billy Conolly - something I have wanted to do for many many years.

October was when I discovered a new hairdresser and a new look. But the month brought more changes to our lives when Shane was retrenched from his job and I started a new one.

November was the month we lost my darling Dad. We had a visit from Lisa-Marie who's presence was a welcome distraction from the sadness of the time and enjoyed a roadtrip to the coast for some photo taking.

December and my long time favourite time of the year - Christmas. Two lots of Christmas parties, a pre-Christmas afternoon with the girls at work and a very quiet Christmas day which could have been quite depressing but was as usual made very special by Shane. We got engaged! The perfect way to finish off a year of highs and lows.

So bring on 2011 - and we are going to give it our best shot at being the best year yet.


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