Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lots of work.

Yes there has been a lot going on around here over the past week. We've started working on a revamp of the "pond" at the front of the house. When it was originally built, it was meant to be simply something to drain the water from the driveway in heavy rain, and was lined with just some weedmat to allow the water to drain away. But Shane and I being lovers of water, fish, plants etc, decided we would actually like a pond there all year round. So there is a bit of work to do taking it all apart and rebuilding, including digging it a little deeper, replacing the weedmat with something waterproof, and finishing it off - but so far so good.

We've also had a visitor this week, Shane's brother John who came to supervise the rebuilding of the front verandah. It had started to rot through (being that it's all of 20 years old and faces south so gets all the weather). The new verandah is now almost done, at least the frame & decking is done, and we just need to work out what we will put around the edge to finish it off without blocking too much light from the inside of the house, and hopefully protect it a little more this time around.

The photo calendar continues and so far so good.....

It's a pity this little guy didn't visit a couple of days later - he could have been a great subject to include in the calendar challenge. Shane managed to snap these pictures before he buried himself in the dirt.

And here are some photos of the gift I made for Shane for Christmas.

Back to something creative.....


Blogger Leah said...

Oh Maree, that little book for Shane is gorgeous! I'm sure he will treasure it forever! You are full of fantastic ideas! Love it!! xx

ps what a cute little porcupine!

11:09 am  

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