Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Photo Update

Sadly it's big - so much going on at the moment and yet again the poor blog has been neglected.....

One of the highlights of late January was finally getting to see Billy Connolly live. It was as good as I anticipated and you have to marvel at the talent of the man after so many years of doing these live gigs. We spent a wonderful night in Melbourne wandering around Southbank (yet again). Neither of us will ever get sick of that place and or the city.

I've missed so many days on the Shuttercal calendar for my photos. I guess I just got really frustrated with the stupid camera that I gave up in the end. Never buy a Sony Cybershot. It has seriously been the biggest disappointment and even after being replaced by a new camera - similar problems persisted. So I guess that means either the model has some serious issues or Sony Cybershot cameras hate me. Given I'm not usually neurotic I'm opting for the first choice.

But the the gorgeous Shane came to the rescue and bought me a Panasonic Lumix which so far has really impressed me with all the special features and it's general photography ability. So here are some of the recent photos......


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