Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Return of the Moj'

I must admit that I've actually missed scrapbooking. And although I seem to have done not a lot else for the past couple of months prior to Christmas - it was all gift giving projects and none of it was for me. So now that I've had a short break and started to create again, I can't tell you how nice it feels to be making pages to keep again. I feel as though I have so many photos I want to scrap right now I would need to take the next 6 months off work to get them done.

All in good time....

Today I finished another challenge for the gang at Scrap Pile. This one was an Inspiration Challenge with 4 set colours to work with a shade of Brown, Red, Blue & Cream. This is what I came up with.....

Back to work tomorrow after a nice long 4 day weekend. But it's only for a few days and then the following week my hours will be severely cut as the lady who I've been doing a maternity leave position for comes back part time. On the one hand I will miss the job immensely but on the other hand I am actually looking forward to having a bit more time at home to do things. Not sure how long it will last and there is a part of me that wishes something a bit more permanent would come along - but for now I'm happy to go with the flow and see what life has to offer.


Blogger Melissa said...

hehehehehe...that was quick Maree. I didn't expect you to update that fast...LMAO....but don't get me wrong, that is good...very good

10:52 pm  

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