Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving on

Vast changes this past month with some interesting yet challenging changes to everyone's lives. It's funny how you get so used to living a certain way and when that changes for whatever reason, it makes you look at your whole life and you suddenly have perspective on so many things.

It's not just me I'm sure. With my dad now in a nursing home, my mother for the first time in some 50 years is alone. I think it's safe to say not even she was prepared for that change, regardless of how much she used to complain. And Lakeisha, now 18 years old, a licence, her own car and a job. And probably one of the most drastic changes to her life being that I moved out. This is the longest we have ever been apart her entire life. And so from child to adult she goes. And with all those changes, a redefinition of our relationship as every mother/daughter relationship goes through I know, but certainly it brings about some interesting emotions and from my perspective, fears.

And for me, a new way of life, a new home, a new beginning. And of all the changes that have occurred this year, this one is the easiest to deal with. For where I am at right now, is where I dreamed long ago as a young woman with high hopes of happiness and love and fulfillment and security. And for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing.

Although I guess that's a stretch because I would change some things relating to health. For months I've been suffering pain in my shoulder that at times has just brought me to tears. I can't begin to express how "over it" I am. My entire life has been affected by it, work, home. The pain so intense most nights I barely sleep. Finally after almost 6 months it's been diagnosed as Frozen Shoulder, not that there is any joy in the diagnosis because there aren't any quick fixes and the slow fix sounds as though its going to be unpleasant at the least. But at this point any fix would be welcome and we'll know how that goes on the 26th.

In the meantime the other thing I would probably change is Shane's health and save him the experience of surgery on Tuesday. Neither of us are looking forward to the event. One can only hope that in the long run the surgery will prevent, and allay the fears of, much worse scenarios in the future. And thankfully I have the week to myself to be there for him and look after him in those first days he'll be home before I start my new job at the Shire.

I've had a few days off this week and welcomed the opportunity to get some scrapping done after a rather dry spell in the crafting area. It hasn't been so much a lack of time and space as a lack of motivation but I've missed it and really enjoyed getting back into it again. I managed to finish the frames I made of the famed wedding. They are now mounted and hanging in the lounge room and if I do say so myself, they look pretty good. I also managed to finish off two layouts - one for Kylie's challenge on Scrap Pile for a Hot Pink & Black coloured layout and the second came about quite unintentionally.

As I was waiting for my appointment with the sports doctor last week to see about my shoulder, I stumbled on a scrapping store in Geelong. I wandered in and made a few small purchases and in the process of speaking to the owner noticed she ran a monthly challenge. It was a bit like the old days of being on the DT. Being provided with product that you have to create a layout with is nothing new for me - however - when I looked at the paper I had to create with - I did have some second thoughts. Hideous doesn't even come close and they weren't even full sheets. Just pieces. But I admire the store owner - how to get rid of the stock I can't sell and still get money for it! This challenge came with a very basic sketch to follow - very specific I might add. Although thankfully I was allowed to add my own stuff to the layout to finish it off. So I bought the kit - $5 - and then went about selecting some cardstock to match as best I could. Actually I was surprised how well the layout came up. The hardest part was figuring out a theme for it that would work with one of the papers that had shoes, hats and handbags on it. I finally figured out a way to go and this is what I ended up with......

From this sketch....

And here are the other creations.....

How cute is this little guy? I spotted him in a box of Red Nose Day products sitting in the staff room at work and figured he was a good buy for $6...

Life's journey continues.....


Blogger Melissa said...

Well done on getting the frames finished and on the wall Maree.They look fabulous .Loving your new RED friend.At least Furr friend has a mate now...LOL.It is truly lovely to read, hear that both you and Shane are in a much happier place in your lives.It has taken a while, but definitely worth the trip there eh??? Love to you both and wishing Shane well on Tuesday

10:35 pm  

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